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Sounds of quarantine: open calls

Open calls for field recordists and sound designers. Cities and Memory - Stay Home Sounds : sounds from the global Covid-19 lockdown With countless communities and countries around the world entering lockdown and social distancing to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is at present a very different place.

We know that – along with sounds – everyone has their own story to tell.

We’re inviting anyone around the world to send us a sound recording from wherever YOU are, and tell us a little about how things are wherever you live.

[ submit your sounds here ]

Cities and Memory - #StayHomeSounds

Alastair Sirkett - Ambient Isolation : Ambient Recordings From the Lockdown Ideally everyone would record at a few times throughout the day (early morning, midday, early evening and late night), to capturewhat they feel is the biggest sonic change they've noticed in their environment. [...] If you're in a very rural location and you feel there hasbeen no sonic change, then that's great too, please still record so we can document that.We currently have everything from 5 minutes of night time silence, through to multiple sirens and clapping crowds.

[ submit your sounds here ]

Alastair Sirkett - #AmbientIsolation - The Sound Outside : New sounds emerge, others are recovered, others have been lost

Currently, the only way to fight Covid-19 is to stay at home. The world around us is changing rapidly and the sounds associated with life are also changing. This call is open to all sound designers, sound artists, field recordists and music producers who are interested in capturing the soundscape of their surroundings recording outside their windows. ( project ideated and curated by Valeria Caputo together with Sara Lenzi, happily hosted by sounDesign ). [ submit your sounds here ] - deadline: May 4th, 2020 - #TheSoundOutside

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